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100 people, 100 stories, 100 business lessons to live by

An internal anchor is something that is part of you, your body-mind, a mental space or physical part of you that you can access always that makes you feel centered, grounded, whole, and at home.
— Li

Are You (Un)Intentionally Killing Your Chances of Starting and Running a Successful Business?

If you’re like me, you probably have 100+ business books on your shelf collecting dust. Some of them you’ve read, some of them you had hopes of reading, but life just got in the way. 

Each of those books probably followed a theme and had one important underlying message to share with you. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, but only one golden nugget of underlying wisdom. 

Imagine if you could have one book that gave you 100 golden nuggets. The Better Business Book consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. 

Each time you read it, you will learn something new. Guaranteed.

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