People are the foundation of everything. That is why mindfulness and yoga practices are so powerful and “scalable.” When people are balanced and centered, they are on a path to self-actualization. The greatest impact they can have on the world fall into place naturally, in the workplace, in healing trauma and in everyday life.
— Li

About me

Li is a San Francisco based mindfulness and yoga instructor, whose mission is to make contemplative practices fun, accessible and applicable. She founded Nataraj Yoga to serve Bay Area organizations and individuals with thoughtfully designed, mindfulness based wellness programs, including yoga, meditation and movement.

Li's yoga journey started as part of a high school gym class. As she explored the deeper layers of yoga beyond asana, she began to understand yoga as a holistic exploration and practice of the mind and body. Yoga is an elegant framework for the inward journey towards balance, healing and unleashing one’s full potential. In her teachings, Li is a firm believer in connecting that which we are working through in our mind with the felt sense in the body through movement and asana.

Li has trained with world renowned teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, creators of Embodied Flow™. Embodied Flow™ draws inspiration from yogic traditions of hatha and tantra, and merges ancient teachings with modern psychology and somatic systems such as Body Mind Centering, an embodied anatomy practice that explores the consciousness of the body. In this practice of vinyasa, yoga is experienced as a living art form in a state of flow. 

Li is born in Beijing, China and has lived all over the world crisscrossing between the East and the West, including Beijing, Shenzhen, New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. She has traveled to over forty countries and loves to explore various cultures of the world. Bali, Indonesia is among her favorite places. In her free time, she loves dancing, writing, reading, cooking and enjoying foodie adventures, and all things outdoors like snowboarding or hiking up a waterfall.


Li has spent eight years in the corporate world after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, first in finance a derivatives trader with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and later in Silicon Valley in strategy and marketing functions with high growth cleantech company Bridgelux. Having been on Wall Street through the Financial Crisis of ‘08 and in cleantech through major industry transition, she understands the challenges of fast paced and high stress environments for people and teams. She has witnessed firsthand the impact of people and culture on success at a corporate level. She brings together her corporate experience and mindfulness training to help companies leverage yoga to improve engagement, productivity, leadership and team work.

Grief Yoga

In 2014, Li lost her partner in a tragic car accident. The experience of watching a loved one in the ICU slip away to death is a profound teaching on life, to deeply appreciate every moment as is and every challenge as an opportunity. Through the gut-wrenching journey of loss, she found healing and transformation through yoga and meditation, turning traumatic grief into a source of strength and inspiration. In her grief yoga classes, she holds a gentle and compassionate space for intense emotions of grief to be safely processed and integrated. 

Meditation in Movement

Dance has been a part of Li’s life for as long as she can remember. She loves salsa as a partner dance and has trained with multi-time world salsa champions John Narvaez and Liz Rojas of Salsamania. She has performed for crowds of up to 800 in Philadelphia as Creative Director of Strictly Funk Dance Troupe and as a dancer with Onda Latina Dance Troupe. When she found yoga and meditation, she began to see dance and movement as a form of meditation that brings presence to the body and as a liberating expression of emotions one experiences inside. In meditative contact flow and movement meditations, Li brings together her love of dance and creative expression with mindfulness. She creates a space for conscious freedom of expression, to tune into the body and hold oneself and one another in complete wholeness.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, Finance. | University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton School.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineering. | University of Pennsylvania. School of Engineering & Applied Science.